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England around 1920: The economy was booming and the transition to an industrial society was complete. Ever more new developments were moving into society and changing people’s lives forever.

Medicine was also not spared by these winds of change. In the past doctors worked mostly without devices or equipment, but now an increasing number of medical devices are used in the everyday work of doctors. Doctors have entirely new diagnosis and treatment devices, such as stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers.

In the 1920s, it was still usual for doctors to visit and treat their patients at home. In the city and in the countryside, doctors were always on the move. The always increasing variety of medical devices required corresponding transportation capabilities. The usual briefcases or travel bags were not well-suited to doctors’ needs.

Leather manufacturers understood this requirement immediately. They developed bags with plenty of storage space and good organization; bags with special bracket systems to allow quick access to the needed instrument or device; bags that were not merely functional, but also robust and durable, and which were very soon to be found in daily use.

“Leather goods from M.Wright & Sons are synonymous with quality and tradition.”

Apparently, the leather manufacturers of 1920 designed the perfect doctor’s bag, because even today, almost one hundred years later, little has changed in design, materials and construction. Of course, today there are also doctor’s bags made from other materials and in other shapes, but they fail to match the charm of a doctor’s bag in the style of the English 1920s.

The M.Wright & Sons brand maintains this tradition. The doctor’s bags we manufacture today are almost unchanged since the first bags of the 1920s. Made with the same materials and care as they were back then, our bags convince not only with their functionality but also with their unique design. Today, as before, only the best leathers are processed and quality is constantly controlled. In addition, every M.Wright & Sons doctor’s bag is largely the result of laborious work done by hand.

The perfect doctor’s bag must not be changed, not even after one hundred years!

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